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“Umoya had the kids' attention from start to finish - and they responded positively. Amazing!”
primary school teacher

"Music is a must at our school, we need more of this."
primary school teacher

“Eugene is an incredible artist/composer and facilitator of collective musical happenings. His work has enthused and enlivened nations towards healing the wounds of trauma induced by war and oppression and his amazing methods of teaching are highly infectious and induce such symptoms as bursting into song, laughter, dancing, inspiring conversation and sharing with those around you. To be a part of his workshops should be understood with a government health warning to the effect of, 'Participating in any of these events is highly contagious and will almost certainly lead to long term benefits in health, vitality, state of well being and mental stability. Anyone taking part should do so completely at their own free will'”.

Tariq Muhammad (musician/cultural ambassador)

Eugene Skeef / Peckham Splash

Eugene introduced the Peckham Splash programme to two year 5 classes with a session of story-telling, singing and drumming. I was especially impressed with his story-telling skills. The children tend to have a relatively short attention span, but such was Eugene’s charismatic approach to relating tales mixed with autobiographical anecdotes that the children barely noticed the time slip away. It was obvious to me as an experienced classroom teacher, that Eugene possesses a rare empathy and connection with children. My Year 5s can be challenging sometimes, but there was no hint of inattention; they were completely rapt. Later, many of the children commented on Eugene and pleaded to know when he would return. I can think of no better testimonial than that of a young audience. Congratulations Eugene! A very, very impressive performance.

Philip Johnson - Year 5 teacher - Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, Southwark, London UK

“The best anger management I would wish for these children.”
primary school teacher
"Engaging our pupils is one of our greatest challenges - a daily challenge at times - you managed it in two days - fantastic!"
primary school teacher